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Data Services  
Climate Protection Northwest provides services to organizations that are working to stop fossil fuel burning.
  • Training
  • Metrics, objective measurement, goal setting, & evaluation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Financial business case modeling
  • Data processing, analysis, & reporting
  • Database management and data collection (SQL)
  • Excel
  • GSuite & Microsoft Office
  • Macros – VBA, Python
  • Copywriting, technical writing, & website development




As part of a team retreat, Nick provided a three-hour training session on what does it mean when someone says that something is "statistically significant"?

This was kind of a course in Introductory Statistics packaged into three hours of guided discovery, exercises, questions, and discussion.

Metrics, objective measurement, goal setting, & evaluation

For a wellness plan at King County, Nick guided leadership through the thinking of what success would look like.

Nick had leadership tell stories of what they could imagine success would look like and then Nick synthesized those into objectives.

Finally, Nick created one metric (only one was needed) that told the entire story of whether the program was successful.

Data processing, analysis, & reporting

A nonprofit providing funding for small-business launches found themselves with a Mongo database of donors and businesses and no way to extract the data.

Nick set up a monthly system that pulled the data and populated Excel workbooks with data organized for easy analysis.


For several fund raisers, Nick has created forecasts of total collections from early pledges.

Data integration

A national nonprofit had Excel workbooks with data on each of their local operations.

Each workbook included all of the local operations and only a single year. This prevented any charting of how things had changed over the years at a single location.

Nick combined all of the data into a single workbook and showed how to filter to pull up just one location's data.

Copywriting, technical writing, & website development

For several organizations, Nick has provided copy editing to strengthen text.

At some organizations, Nick has provided first drafts for writers who are more comfortable revising than creating text from scratch.

Having an outside person write the first draft can often be more efficient. If you work inside the organization, all the nuances and qualifications come to mind and it's hard to get down the big picture as you're overwhelmed by the details.

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